Automatic Backup Scheduler for MySQL 5.5: Automatic MySQL Backup Software GUI - Database to FTP, Gmail, ZIP

Automatic Backup Scheduler for MySQL 5.5

backup files to ZIP / GZIP archives and upload them to your FTP server and Email box (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc.). MySQL Full Backup, Incremental Backup and Differential Backup are available. With Windows Service function, you do not need to log in Windows system for scheduling backing up and restoring. Using MySQL Backup Command Line Program, you can manually back up and restore MySQL databases without GUI. Automatic Backup Scheduler for MySQL

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Backupper Standard 5.1: A powerful yet inexpensive solution for reliable automatic backup on a schedule.

Backupper Standard 5.1

backup to ensure that you will not loose data in case the last version of backup contains damaged files. In addition Backupper can automatically copy new backups into several locations within local area network. Thus you can keep several backup copies on different computers to avoid data loss in case of computer failure. To prevent inconsistent backups, Backupper can automatically redo backup in case some data files were changed during last backup

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Live File Backup Continuous backup software is creating automatically file copies when saving

Live File Backup

Live File Backup is the user-friendly real-time/live backup program for your home and business PC! The Continuous and automatic backup software is creating automatically file copies (generations/versions) when saving in the background. The backup files and its correponding copies can automatically be saved to local or external drives, USB memory sticks, network drives, network attached storage (NAS), as well as Internet or Intranet FTP servers.

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USB Flash Backup 2008 USB Flash Backup - automaically backup to your USB pen drive.

USB Flash Backup 2008

USB Flash Backup is fully automatic backup software to backup your important files and folders to your USB Pen Drive or Storage Device. Multi user friendly it automatically switches backup profiles depending on the USB Drive Name, adding files to backup is simply using very easy drag and drop techniques. Other features include time and date stamped backup folders to easily locate your files, automatically zip your files on the fly as they backup.

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EzBackup101 1.0: Automatic backup that`s easy enough for beginners

EzBackup101 1.0

backup drive (such as an external USB drive) and you`re good to go. Set up your own backup schedule if you prefer, backup manually, or just do nothing. EzBackup101 will automatically backup all of your new and changed files at the same time every day. Automatic backup guarantees that your files get copied to your backup drive and will be available if you need to restore them. That means you don`t have to remember to backup. You don`t have to manually

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Auto Backup Automatic backup  your  data to local, network, or FTP. It can work as service.

Auto Backup

backup your data.You can use Auto Backup to make a reserve copy of any valuable data on your system manually or automatically. You can select files to restore to original or new location. Auto backup Integrated compression and password. You can create self-restore archive. Flexible backup date and time are specified to backup automatically. You can start backup and restore manually at any convenient time. It can work as a Windows NT/2000/XP service

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Norton Backup Online 2.0: Automatic backup protection for your important digital photos and files.

Norton Backup Online 2.0

Norton™ Online Backup provides automatic backup protection for your digital photos, videos, music, and files. It delivers easy to use online backup that helps safeguard your files against loss, damage, and other disasters. Norton Online Backup works with both Windows and Mac computers so you can protect the files on your family’s household computers with just one account.

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FileBack PC 4.1.090120: Fast, easy, automated backup and synchronization utility

FileBack PC 4.1.090120

automatic file backup and synchronization utility for Windows. Features include automatic configuration (so you don`t have the learn how to use the program to backup your data), backups to and from hard disk/floppy/network drives, compressed backups, scheduled backups and other events, automatic backup of files immediately after being saved, automatic network drive mapping, e-mail notification of backup completion status, automatic product updates

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Another Backup 2.5: Automatically back up files at schedule time

Another Backup 2.5

backup files and backup interval. Another Backup works silently at the background and all specified files and folders are backed up automatically at schedule time. There are several backup interval options, such as several minutes, several hours, once a day, once a week or every few days. Backup files created by Another Backup contain compressed files that were backed up. The backup file format is an improved PKZip compatible file format, so if required

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USB flash backup - Automatic USB Backup 4.0: Auto backup files when USB dirve is inserted. Work for USB flash, USB HDD, etc.

USB flash backup - Automatic USB Backup 4.0

backup and synchronization algorithm that offers true bi-directional backup ( backup local drive or backup USB drive) and synchronize files between more computers. See for yourself how easy it is to set up and use Automatic USB Backup & Synchronize. Below you will find our quick setup guide and how to automate backup or synchronization. *Automatically detects and backup * Specify which USB flash drive to backup * Backup Local / LAN drives to USB

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